Premium & Standard Photo Shoots

Lake Living Photography offers two different trims of Real Estate Photographs, a Standard trim and a Premium trim. Both trim levels include the same number of Interior and Exterior Photographs, and the Exterior Photographs are identical between the two trim levels. The difference between the two trims is in the Interior Photographs, which can be seen below:


Premium Interior Photography

The Premium Photo Shoot includes a set of jaw-dropping interior photographs. You will immediately notice the brightness of the interior, the sharpness and accuracy of the colors, and the crystal clear windows. This level of brightness and clarity is achieved by using several off-camera daylight-white flashes that are strategically placed throughout the shoot, and then blending in some ambient light in post-production to create a beautifully lit and natural looking interior. By using a pure daylight color to artificially light the interior I am able to achieve perfectly accurate wall colors, as well as accurate coloring of furnishings, cabinets, and fixtures.


Standard Interior Photography

The Standard Photo Shoot is equal to the Premium Photo Shoot in clarity, resolution, and quantity of photographs. The big difference is that the Interior Photos on the Standard Photo Shoot are comprised of several ambient photos taken at various exposures with no artificial lighting from the camera equipment. By removing the artificial lighting, we have to rely on the natural lighting inside the house from lamps, ceiling lights, and windows. Ceiling lights and lamps can create a yellow/orange color-cast, and windows can create a blue/green color-cast. This causes walls, ceilings, cabinets, and furnishings to often display warmer colors than they otherwise would and can create less than accurate colors throughout the house, especially white surfaces. Some would say that this actually creates a more natural look compared to the bright and sharp colors in the Premium Shoot.

Additional Services

Aside from Interior and Exterior Photography, Lake Living Photography offers other services as well such as Aerial Photography, Twilight Photography, Astrophotography, and 3D Virtual Tours.

1373 US 190-39.jpg
1370 Barretts Landing-27.jpg

Aerial Photography

Lake Living Photography uses a UAS to fly above the subject property and capture perspectives that would otherwise be impossible. This is a fantastic way to show the layout of a property, proximity to the surroundings, and to get stunning angles that will surely impress any prospective lookers. Lake Living Photography holds an active FAA UAS Pilots License.

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187 Paradise Trail-58.jpg
187 Paradise Trail-57.jpg

Twilight Photography

Twilight Photographs are taken during the very brief window of time immediately after sunset when the soft glowing light from sun is below the horizon, causing refraction and scattering the sun's rays from the atmosphere across the sky. This is a great way to give a property a very surreal look, and make you and your listing stand out compared to the others.

Twilight Photo Shoots are only offered along with the Premium Photo Shoot with Aerials, and the Twilight Package will include Two Photographs. One fully lit up image like the first two examples, and one ambient aerial photo like the third example. It is critical to choose a night with crystal clear skies in order to get the right look.

You can find more examples of photos shot by Lake Living Photography by going to our Facebook Page, Lake Living Photography, at