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Charles Miller


(936) 433-9245


“I would highly recommend Charles as a photographer. He has done a great job photographing my real estate properties. My clients have all been very complimentary of his work.”

- Pat McCulley, Country World Realty, LLC

“If you want professional photos at affordable prices give Charles Miller a call today! You will find him skilled, timely and affordable ... your clients will be very pleased and so will you!” 

- Deborah Loria, Piney Woods Realty

“Today’s consumers are shopping online for their next property so it’s vital that we put forth our best in our online presentation. Charles has an eye for capturing the heart of the home in his photos.”

- Vickie Brewster, Hands-On Realty

“Charles is an excellent real estate photographer that makes my listings really stand out above the crowd”

- Roy Taylor, Swann Lake Properties

“Charles has done many photographs for me, both interior and aerial pictures, they were beautiful and he is very professional.”

- Patty Laviolette, A-Action Realty